9TH - 22ND AUGUST 2021 // WALES






We are passionate about trail running, adventure, music, community, the great outdoors & understanding the world and our place in it. We believe we have been gifted one precious life from the universe. And that to live that one life well is to fill it to the brim with memorable & special moments.  

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life" - Mary Oliver  

Love Trails creates life-enhancing, unique & creative trail running experiences so we and our community can live life to the full.  

Why trail running? We believe that trail running offers us the possibility to deeply connect emotionally with wild places & the people we run alongside. We believe trail running changes how we see, feel and connect with the world around us. We are passionate trail runners because we know that no other sport or recreational activity provides so many benefits to our body, brain and even the natural environment.

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For one year only, this summer, in place of Love Trails Festival, we are organising a pop-up campground called Camp Love Trails. At our beautiful event site, complete with a 14th century castle and sea view, in the Gower Peninsula, south Wales.  

You can expect the same incredible Love Trails experience, community and vibe, thoughtfully adapted for summer 2021.  

We've designed Camp Love Trails to be the ultimate summer staycation for those with an adventurous spirit and a desire to spend time outdoors; running lush coastal trails, jumping into the sparkling sea & exploring some of the most beautiful beaches Wales has to offer.  

You'll be able to trail run, coasteer, sea kayak, rock climb, hike, sea dip & swim, paraglide, cycle and even mountain bike during a 4 or 7 day stay at Camp Love Trails.  

For us, the perfect summer holiday would have to include an epic coastal trailrun to the beach, catching a few waves perhaps, all shared with a good crew and a delicious selection of food and drink. It's the essence of the best shared outdoor adventures that we have distilled and been inspired by to create Camp Love Trails.